Colburn Consulting (CCI) ~ Our Privacy Policies

Privacy and Security is of the utmost important to us and our clients. Therefore we take every precaution required for each particular project we accept.

If a project doesn't require it, we normally recommend that a customer not store credit card information. Refunds, exchanges, etc. can be done without having the credit card on file.

In cases where the Credit Card number is required, we provide security by the following methods:

  • We use encryption to store and maintain the Credit Card information stored in the database
  • Transaction information is kept separate from the customer information, making it more difficult to match up information
  • The database is maintained on a server separate server - reducing the risk of credit card theft
  • Access to the database server is restricted to a limited number of technicians
  • If possible, Credit Card numbers are archived or removed when no longer needed
  • Credit Card numbers are never shown in their entirety in the website - even for customer service agents


As a service to our clients, we offer hosting on servers we maintain. Access is extremely limited and our servers are maintained by highly experienced staff who specialize in E-commerce PCI Compliance.

The data you collect from your customers is YOUR data. We don't access any data for any reason other than for specific project needs that you request from us. At any time, you can request all YOUR data to be given to you, or migrated to another hosting/development company.