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Technology alters the way we communicate and carry on business and it is crucial to use these changes to your advantage.  Web based application development is not just a way to save money and time. It is also about organizing more effective collaboration process with your colleagues, clients or partners, that makes web based application development so popular. 

Web based application development includes database integration, intra/extranet applications deployment. An interactive web site or an intranet can be equally important. The right application development provides essential support often overlooked. 

Our Server Support & Migration is such a large and important project demands experience. We have helped clients move hundreds of websites from one server to another or one country to another. Such a huge project to shouldn't be left to chance. Whether you want to turn the move over to us or just need a sounding board for your in-house plan, we are here for you.

Our Website Hosting services are second to none for uptime and monitoring. Plus, our technical staff is on call 24/7 for any service issues. Our Hosting pricing starts at $9.95 per month, if you pay for a year up front, we give you 2 months free.

Often overlooked is the importance of Website Promotion. Proven expertise is required to guide the millions of Internet users through the maze - to your site! Our promotion partners have developed numerous secrets to help get your site listed higher on all the major search engines - Yahoo, Google, MSN, and many others.

Our Database Design & Architecture staff has been on overdrive for the past decade. Databases are becoming increasingly more important as Web sites move from static electronic brochures to dynamic environments. We will help integrate your existing databases or create new solutions to put your data online. 

Let's not forget ADOBE FLASH™ DEVELOPMENT which has become an excellent way to add quality and interaction to your website. Whether you are looking for just a few Flash enhancements or a complete FLash website, you've come to the right place.

Last but not least we need to spotlight JQuery Development that is taking storm on the web over the past few years. When flash doesn't work for reasons such as the Apple platform will not provide support, jQuery is a great alternative that works on all platforms. Our homepage showcases an image slider that was first designed in Flash, then redesigned as a jQuery slider to reach more platforms such as the iPad, iPhone and Power MAC users. If your website needs a bit of life to it and flash is not your desiered platform, we've got an excellent alternative for you!

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